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The Gorge is a loud and dirty amphitheater and campsite filled with great music bumpin from every corner packed with everyone from hipsters and hippies, nerds, high schoolers, old people and even a baby or two. Needless to say it is quite a unique place when Sasquatch comes through Memorial Day Weekend every year since 2002.

The worst part about music festivals is the dreadful music overlap where two or three artists that you want to see play at the same time and you can’t see all of them. You can either try to catch a part of both acts, or you have to commit and choose one to enjoy the entire act. Tough decisions must be made. Here I chose Holy Ghost and it was a solid decision as you can see here.

Then we were able to see Parks and Rec star Nike Offerman a.k.a. Ron Swanson. He came on stage to an applause shirtless and then proceeded to put on an American Flag button up. Although he had a funny set where at one point he said he supported equal rights for all except vegitarians, it did kind of change my perfect image of Ron Swanson.

A big highlight of the weekend was seeing Macklemore headline the first night of the festival. With such a huge following in the Northwest the whole place was packed. Other notable performances were Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, Edward Sharpe, Atlas Genius, The XX, and of course Mumford and Sons. It is very cool to see that a lot of the performers have played the festival in year’s past on smaller stages and this year they moved up to bigger stages either the Honda Stage and some as the end of the night Main Sasquatch Stage headliners.

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