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Orbital will be performing live at 9:45pm – 11:30pm on Thursday, September 27, headlining the Halcyonic Showcase at The Paramount Theater. 
Named after Greater London’s own circular autobahn, the M25, and central to the early rave scene and party network in the South East during the halcyon ‘daze’ of Acid House, Orbital are returning to the US! The brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll will be playing a string of West Coast dates, with East Coast dates TBA. While Orbital played Ultra, Coachella,and the San Francisco Warfield in 2010, this highly anticipated run will be their first US tour since 2001. Buzzing from inspiration and with a new thirst for performance, Orbital will be headlining several festivals, as well as playing a few select dates in major cities.

Orbital are excited to be back, with Paul stating, “I really miss playing in America! We’ve done some of our best gigs there over the years. Having done our first ever tour in 1992 with Meat Beat Manifesto we used to be quite regular. This has been the longest we’ve gone without touring the states so it’s well overdue! We’re really lookin forward to returning and seeing what you’ve all been up to while we were away!” 

There’s a reason why Orbital were able to headline Glastonbury 20 years ago, and are still headling the same festival today. Whether you’re a long-term Orbital fan or have only recently come to appreciate their sound, this thrilling return to America will be an exhilirating journey through the past and present of this historic electronic duo.

Decibel Festival Says:
“The first electronic dance music CD I purchased was Orbital’s “2” back in 1993. Unlike the industrial music I was listening to at the time, what struck me immediately with Orbital was there were no vocals. The emphasis was entirely on the sound design and composition, which were unlike anything I had ever heard prior. Orbital has always held a special place in my heart both as producers and performers. They were one of the first purely electronic live acts to headline major festivals and tours globally, which pushed the idea of live electronic music performance into the forefront of early rave culture. As Decibel curator, I have taken the stance that live electronic music performance is crucial to the Decibel brand and no performance duo in history is more relevant to me personally than Orbital. It’s worth noting that 2012 celebrates the 20th anniversary of my discovery of Orbital and it is with great pleasure that I announce they will be one of the headliners for the 2012 Decibel Festival.”

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