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Walking into the Paramount to see a rock show feels like somewhat of a contradiction. As I strutted in–wearing jeans and high-tops–the thought, “am I under-dressed?” crossed my mind. The interior architecture resembled something royal–which is appropriate because the royal family of indie-rock was about to take stage.

If you haven’t seen Wilco live, DO IT! They have some seriously talented musicians and an incredibly impressive light show to boot. Jeff Tweedy was, by no surprise, on point. His voice never misses a pitch.

The musician that took the show though was Nels Cline, Wilco’s guitarist. It’s imposible to describe the feeling–knowing that I was watching one of the greatest guitarists I will ever see.

Basically, Wilco puts on a DooooOOOOOoooopE show!


Found this video on youtube from the show. As far as audience shot videos come, this one’s audio is pretty great and gives you an idea of the awesome light show they had.

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