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it is cold and gray and dead and rainy…but you know, it still sparkles depending on yer outlook. this month i decided to focus my mix on a few bands from the pacific northwest, a few having recently played or coming to play seattle next month, a few songs from my past that all this new awesome music reminds me of, and one song that just plain reminds me of how boring it is to be depressed all the time. enough with killin’ that vibe; take yer vitamin d dammit, and enjoy the music!

gorgeous ice arches are melting my heart as i write…

radio dept.~david
wild nothing~golden haze
craft spells~party talk
the durutti column~bordeaux
dirty beaches~lord knows best
echo and the bunnymen~in bluer skies
ducktails~killin the vibe
eluvium~this motion makes me last
new order~ceremony

from seattle with love,

and p.s. for those of you in live in a lucky city where echo and the bunnymen is touring and playing their first 2 fucking stupendous albums in their entirety, (they won’t be playing “in bluer skies” of course) HELLS BELLS, they will be playing their best music and you oughta go!!!!!!

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