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So its friday night at 10:39 and Beat connection is playing a show tonight at the comet tavern. Its obvious that i’m missing it and i’m pretttttty fuckkkkking pissed/ready for a crunk review…
beat connection

After listening to these songs you will understand why. A reputable friend told me he thinks they’re easily going to be the next big thing in the indie music scene. To bloggers and music fans this means a great big deal. I’ve listened to their album only 1 time and I agree that this could be on the hype machine top 50 best albums of the year, at least if everyone gave them a chance to listen….

The next big thing?

Beat connection needs a publicist and i’m almost available.  They’re giving away their album and you can download it below. Get an earful. I just said earful. OMG.

Beat connection – Theme from yours truly

Beat connection -Silver Screen

  • seeeeaaannnnnnnnnn

    Sssoooooooooooo fresh

  • Bryce

    Silver Screen is the best song i’ve heard all year.

  • Angelica Nargi

    Spotted your website via msn the other day and absolutely enjoy it. Keep up the great work.