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This babe JUST came through the neighborhood and i MISSED her. I didn’t know who she was, i was looking at the tractor tavern concert calendar randomly listening and BOOM, I saw this video….

anya marina – move you
anya marina
instantly i thought it was sexy. so i jammed back to hype mooch-er and found this gem that seems to get noticed every 3 months or so. How’s that for a concert review? I suck…

anya marina – Whatever You Like

  • DowntroddenInDC

    She has an incredible voice and I always smirk when I hear this cover. Very well done!

  • owlhoothoothoot

    this is really amazing, i love her, she just became my favourite female singer, she got her own style :) LOVE IT

  • Joe

    She has an incredible voice and that cover is great. Thanks for the post.